Who We are


IMG_9237We are an international couple, with mixed backgrounds and many languages that we master.  I’m Indonesian and My husband is German.We both have been living in Japan for long and We love to travel the world and love to see our families and friends .I’m a Wife,mom and friends.If you’ve heard about color personality,I’m blue firts and then red comes,second.I”m a Leo ,introvert but outgoing.I love connecting with people but also need a lot of solitary times.I love listening to people telling their stories.

I was introduced to Young Living by my friend who living  in Japan also in October 2015.And started my own account  only 1 month later in November 2015.It wasn’t my choice but by fate.That I was enrolled under Team THE SCENTSIBLE TRIBE.2017-02-01 20.45.16


Few years a go We discovered young Living Essential Oils and We fell in Love with them.Young Living has amazing integrity as a company and really go above other.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as I do writhing them.If you’d like to learn more or ready to take the steps towards health ,wealth and freedom in your family,join me here and I look forward to guide you in your journey!

Warmests regards ,

Viany Eidam


brands.Click here : Young Living  yl_logo



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